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Touring Productions and Student Matinées

Touring productions can be paired with a related workshop or residency to deepen your students’ viewing experience and understanding of the material. Student Matinées are an opportunity for your classroom to see a main stage production live at Walden Theatre or the Brown Theatre (or alternative venues) featuring accomplished teen actors.

Touring Shows are performed by professional actors at your preferred location. Student Matinées are performed at our facility (1123 Payne Street, 40204) and may be paired with pre- and post-show workshops. Student Matinées are performed by talented young actors from the Walden Theatre Conservatory (Celebrate Black History is performed by a professional actor—see description of Nation In Crisis).


Student Matinées

A Wrinkle in Time 

SEP 28, 2017: Grades 3-7 | $7/student

adapted by John Glore
from the novel by Madeline L’Engle

Meg Murray has had a rebellious attitude ever since her father disappeared. When a mysterious stranger tumbles into her life, Meg, her brother and a friend get pulled into the universe’s fight against evil to find her missing father.

The Crucible

OCT 19, 2017: Grades 6–12 | $7/student

by Arthur Miller

In the rigid theocracy of Salem, rumors of women practicing witchcraft galvanize the town’s fears and suspicions. When a young girl accuses Elizabeth Proctor of being a witch, a frenzied trial ensues. Written in 1953 and based on historical people and events, Miller’s drama provided a mirror against the hysteria of the Red Scare in Cold War America.

Welcome to Wandaland

NOV 16, 2017: Grades 6-12 | $7/student

by Ifa Bayeza

4th grader Wanda is on a mission to learn everything there is to know in the world so that she can pass an intelligence test and catapult into a newly desegregated “gifted” school. As she learns about Civil Rights, the Cold War, & the Space Race, her test mania collides with her understanding of her place in this world. This play contains mature content. Please contact us for more information.

The Trojan Women 

FEB 1, 2018: Grades 6–12 | $7/student

by Euripides, translated by Edith Hamilton

The women of Troy are left homeless and await sale as slaves after their husbands are murdered and children stolen by a war in which they had no say. As our world contends with the greatest refugee crisis since WWII, this ancient Greek play is a haunting reminder of the repetition of history’s worst moments.

Celebrate Black History

FEB 2018: Grades 4–8 | $7/student

In honor of Black History Month, we host a performance of Nation In Crisis (see description under “Touring”) and afterwards, audiences participate in a workshop that deepens understanding while linking history to current events.

Touring Productions

Red Riding Hood 

OCT-NOV 2017: Grades PreK–5 | $1600, no student limit

by Geraldine Ann Snyder

Set in Louisville in the 1920s, Red Riding Hood must walk through Central Park to visit her ailing grandmother. Along the way, she encounters a washed-up pair of vaudeville comedians: Mr. Wolfie and his sidekick Mr. Moley. The duo’s harebrained attempts to steal Red’s basket of goodies results in a hilarious sequence of events! Produced by special arrangement with Dramatic Publishing, Woodstock, Ill.

StoryTime Theatre

Grades PreK–5 | $500, 250 students max.

A performance + Q&A session grows comprehension of literary genre. Shows feature a set & props hand-made from familiar objects, demonstrating that resourcefulness is a gateway to creative expression.

Fables: Anything But Aesop 
JAN–MAR 2018

by Mera Kathryn Corlett

Aesop is perhaps the most famous fabulist in history, but this is not a show about him! A lively troupe of actors is determined to perform fables from all over the world as long as they are not from Aesop. This educational 30- min. play brings to life stories from Brazil, China, Ghana, and India.

A Molly Whuppie Adventure  
APR–MAY 2018

Molly Whuppie is the spunky heroine at the center of dangerous and wondrous adventures in Appalachia. In this tale, Molly falls into a magical world where her bravery and kindness among fantastical creatures bring reward.

Nation in Crisis

JAN-MAR 2018: Grades 4–8 | $500, 250 students max.

by Keith McGill

This interactive, one-hour production blends discussion & performance—transporting students to key events & moments in the Civil Rights Era. From Little Rock to Montgomery and Martin Luther King, Jr. to a Tuskegee Airman, students encounter history as it happened in those challenging times. The Teaching Artist guides students as they respond to the voices and scenes they witness.

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