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Glad you got to see the show!

There’s nothing like the experience of theatre. Laughing at the jokes, seeing how actors take on different characters, and being transported by the action that’s taking place just a few feet away.

Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp

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Performances of Red Riding Hood: A Vaudeville Romp were made possible through support from many sources. In particular, CTC wishes to thank the following members of Louisville Metro Council for their commitment to providing outstanding arts experiences to schools in their districts:

Jessica Green – Metro Council District 1
Barbara Shanklin – Metro Council District 2
Mary Woolridge – Metro Council District 3
Barbara Sexton Smith – Metro Council District 4
Cheri Bryant Hamilton – Metro Council District 5
David James – Metro Council District 6
Angela Leet – Metro Council District 7
Bill Hollander – Metro Council District 9
Pat Mulvihill – Metro Council District 10
Kevin Kramer – Metro Council District 11
Rick Blackwell – Metro Council District 12
Glen Stuckel – Metro Council District 17
Dan Johnson – Metro Council District 21
James Peden – Metro Council District 23
Madonna Flood – Metro Council District 24
David Yates – Metro Council District 25

There’s more theatre to see. And more theatre to create!

Commonwealth Theatre Center stages a full season of plays, from plays for very young audiences featuring our professional touring company of actors all the way up to the Young American Shakespeare Festival held every May and performed by skilled young actors taking part in CTC’s Walden Theatre Conservatory.

See your next play with CTC

Oct 12-21  – The Crucible

by Arthur Miller
directed by Charlie Sexton

In the rigid theocracy of Salem, rumors of women practicing witchcraft galvanize the town’s fears and suspicions. When a young girl accuses Elizabeth Proctor of being a witch, a frenzied trial ensues. Written in 1953 and based on historical people and events, Miller’s drama provided a mirror against the hysteria of the Red Scare in Cold War America.

Nov 9-18 – Welcome to Wandaland

by Ifa Bayeza
directed by Karen Edwards-Hunter, assisted by Julane Havens

4th grader Wanda is on a mission to learn everything there is to know in the world so that she can pass an intelligence test and catapult into a newly desegregated “gifted” school. As she learns about Civil Rights, the Cold War, & the Space Race, her test mania collides with her understanding of her place in this world.

Take the stage yourself!

Whether you’re a beginner or have a ton of roles behind you, the Conservatory is a way to get world-class pre-professional theatre training right here in Louisville!

  • ages 5-18, beginners to pre-professional
  • all levels of experience
  • No audition is required

Graduates are sought-after by the top undergrad and graduate theatre programs in the nation (and abroad), and alumni go on work at Broadway, Hollywood, and everything between in a wide range of disciplines. Actors, opera sopranos, arts administrators, theatre lighting/costume/set designers, filmmakers, stage managers, lawyers, doctors, and business leaders all develop their skills here.

Classes meet after school every Fall and Spring semester.

Click for Conservatory Info and Enrollment

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