I found out back in September that Lady GaGa was coming in town and it just so happened to be on the night of our big fundraising event Blue Apple On Broadway. I was upset because I love Lady GaGa and I hear she puts on a heck of a show. Even if I were able to get tickets to her concert I wouldn’t be able to go. I was just so down about it. Then, surprisingly, potential performers started backing out of being in the BOB performance. Apparently, I’m not the only one that is interested in seeing Lady GaGa in concert. So, we decide to see if the Brown Theater has any other dates open to possibly change the date of our big event. I didn’t want to get my hopes up just yet but I did find out that the Brown Theater was available March 5th but there was a hold on that date. So after checking all the calendars I could think of online and the personal calendars of our board and other important people I decided to see if we could find out who was holding March 5th to see if it would be worth it to “challenge the date.” Challenging the date through Kentucky Center booking means that the people holding the date would be given 48 hours to decide whether they wanted to either firm up the date or let it go to the group challenging it. If the group that challenges the date “wins” they have to pay the rent (over $1500) immediately. After a call to my contact at the Brown I was delighted to find out that WE were the ones who were holding March 5th. Apparently, someone who no longer works here had secured two dates just in case one fell through. Brilliant!

I was giggly with excitement. Not only would we not have to challenge the date and possibly pay the rent up front, but I now have a chance to attempt to get Lady GaGa tickets. This enthusiasm came on a Friday and lasted all weekend as I told and retold the story. Monday morning my bubble was abruptly burst as I learned that the Speed Art Museum has there huge fundraiser the first weekend in March (this year March 5th) every year. We couldn’t possibly compete with that. So, here I was, back at square one, trying to find a new date for BoB. I immediately called the Kentucky Center to see what dates they had available all the way through May. Not wanting to move the event up at all, giving us even less time to prepare. After getting all available dates from Kentucky Center, checking every calendar for conflicts that I could possibly think of, and discussing our options with everyone in the office and on the board we finally decide on a date, February 26. We check with Kentucky Center and someone has a hold on this date but we can challenge it. So, we decide to do so. We find out almost immediately that the other company that was holding is going to let us have that date. The cost to us is paying the rent up front (over $1500) quite a hefty sum for a non profit like us. But again I am relieved and elated that we have settled on a date for BoB.

(The plot thickens…)

The next day I get a call from the sweet girl in charge of booking our event. Apparently they have double booked February 26 and we don’t have that date after all. Unfortunately this was right before Thanksgiving break and I had all weekend to worry about what we were going to do. At this point I was worried that we might have to consider canceling our biggest fundraiser of the year, being a non-profit organization that could be detrimental to our company. So Monday after Thanksgiving I immediately called the Kentucky Center to figure out if there was any other date available. Some might not think getting an open date for the Brown Theater is a big deal but when you live in Louisville you know you have to contend not only with other big organizations having their fundraisers but there quite a few other big deals in our city that we could not possibly contend with. Such as, March Madness through most of March and the beginning of April. Then there is Derby. If you know anything about Derby you know that it is not just a one day event. Derby begins around the middle of April and goes clear through the first weekend in May. So, we pretty much only had February to work with as far as dates go. The only date available at the Brown Theatre in February was the 12th and even though that’s Valentine’s weekend and a month earlier than our original event date, we had to take it.

I’m happy to say that other than not having as much time to prepare for the event; this date is working out wonderfully so far. Luckily, I am a born procrastinator and I work extremely well under pressure.