I am in my 6th year with Blue Apple Players and from the beginning I knew that Blue Apple Players Education Programs were exceptionally unique. There are no other education programs in the city of Louisville who do what we do in the way that we do it. Our programs are interactive and ask the student to focus, assimilate, participate and perform all while building essential life skills such as learning to compromise, collaborate, share and give voice to our ideas. wherever we work, we provide a completely non-competitive environment, establishing a safe place to explore new ways of expressing emotion in our bodies and voices through drama activities.

2011’s elementary school child is vastly different from 2000’s elementary school child and our Department reflects those changes. Since its’ inception in 2000, there have been dynamic shifts and changes within our department that have corresponded to the shifts and reflected the changes within the children that we meet.  Our workshops and drama programs provide flexible, breathable, dynamic curriculum that respond directly to the group of students we are working with at the time.  From our involvement with 21c Museum to bringing drama clubs to many schools without them – our work is constantly evolving to fill the needs and resound the voices of our community’s youth.

As Education Associate of Blue Apple Players Education Department, I have been actively involved in over 50 schools, libraries and community centers this year alone. Having this unique opportunity allows Blue Apple to reach a multitude of students diverse both socio-economically and ethnically. What I have learned over the years I have been with Blue Apple is that all children crave an outlet that provides them with a nurturing and safe environment to explore their creativity while encouraging their growth socially, academically and personally. And this is what Blue Apple’s education programs provide. This is what Blue Apple’s education programs give; a unique gift to the community in which we reside.