We’ve secured lots of great food and prizes for the Family Picnic, but we’re still short on volunteers for games, food, grill, and other booths. The Picnic is one of our biggest fundraiser events of the year, and your involvement is crucial to the success of this fun community-building activity. Of course adults are encouraged to help, but this is also a great way for teens to pick up service hours for school, scouts, and clubs!

To make volunteering as easy as possible, we’re dividing all games and booths into two 2-hour blocks (5-7 and 7-9). This way, you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy yourself, eat, or bid on the silent auction on your own time before or after your shift. To volunteer, or if you have questions, contact Isaac (589-0084 x29 or by email).

Here’s a breakdown of who (and how many) we need for each position:

  • Grillmasters 5-7 (2) and 7-9 (2)
  • Food Booth 5-7 (1) and 7-9 (2)
  • Tickets Booth 5-7 (1) and 7-9 (2)
  • Arts and Crafts 5-7 (1 helper) 7-9 (1+1helper)
  • Face Painting 7-9 (1)
  • Game Booths/Inflatables 5-7 (11) 7-9 (13)
  • Cotton Candy 5-7 (1) 7-9 (1) [I’ve heard this is fun and not as hard as I thought]
  •  Set-up and Clean-up (all takers welcome)

If you can, please help us make this a fantastic event, and be sure to invite friends and neighbors to attend and have a ball!