We’re recruiting volunteers to help with the supper, and we’d love for you to help, but if you’d rather donate supplies or food–especially that pot of chili you’ve been meaning to make–bring it on!

Here’s a list of the most important things we’ll need:

  • chili (12 pots of red, 3 pots of veggie, 3 pots of white)
  • hot dogs (48-56)
  • chips (5 bags ruffled)
  • macaroni (several quarts cooked)
  • grated cheese (2-3 large bags)
  • sodas & water (7pgks coke, 6 diet coke, 3 sprite, 3 other, 2 cases water)
  • ice (4 large bags)
  • desserts (8 batches of either cookies or brownies)
  • salad (big bags of mixed salad)
  • lots of crackers

Email Isaac for details or to save your spot among the chili chefs.