Greetings from Walden Theatre on this second week of the Conservatory fall term. Just to let you know, we’ll send out routine eNewsletters like this one to parents and students throughout the semester about any issues or opportunities that might arise, from inclement weather closures to auditions and upcoming show announcements. Please be sure to read these eNewsletters and keep yourself in the loop.

For now, here are a few quick things to remember as we start the term:

  • Please advise us if a student will be late, absent, or will need to leave class early.
  • If you need to contact a student during class time, please first try to contact the Walden Theatre office. Student access to mobile devices will be limited during class exercises, and staff can usually relay messages to students as quickly as needed.
  • You can keep up with news by subscribing to our blog, following us on Twitter, or liking us on Facebook. (Links on the right of this email.)

Reach us by phone at 502.589.0084, by email at, by fax via 502.589.0225. Thanks!