Thanks to everyone who already volunteered to bring food and other items for the Chili Supper. I just wanted to post this latest update on what we still need, so we have a handy reference point. Remember, the Chili Supper is next Friday, October 28 from 6-8:30, right here at Walden Theatre.

We do ask that anyone bringing non-chili food or other goods please deliver as early in the week as is sensible (based on perishability). For anyone bringing chili, please plan to deliver hot chili (in a crock or in a cookpot that we can keep warm on the stove) on Friday afternoon if possible. If you have any questions, be sure to email Isaac or call 502.589.0084.


  • Set-up from 5-6
  • Kitchen and Tickets from 7-8
  • Kitchen and clean-up from 8-9ish
Food and the rest:
  • Red Chili (need 3)
  • Veggie Chili (need 1-2)
  • Ice (5-6 large bags)
  • Takeaway containers for possible leftover chili (plastic lidded, about 10)
  • Coolers (3-4, just need to borrow!)
Believe me, this isn’t much at all compared to where we were on Wednesday morning.
Thank you all, and be sure to buy some raffle tickets!