Saturday morning is the Half Marathon put on by the Louisville Sports Commission, and there will be rolling street closures throughout the morning that could affect the arrival of Improv students for class at 10 am.

  • Grinstead closed from Cherokee Parkway to Cherokee Road: 8:15-10:30
  • Cherokee Road closed from Grinstead to Baxter: 8:15-10:30
  • Baxter Avenue closed from Broadway to Liberty 8:30-10:30
  • Liberty Street closed from Baxter to 9th: 8:30-11:00
Here is a link for the whole route, and as you’ll see we’re surrounded. Please note, though, that Lexington is scheduled to reopen at 9:15, so that’s likely the best approach to Payne Street. Those of you coming from the Highlands and points south should reroute via Seneca Park or Alta Vista.For student pick-up, all roads except Main Street should be reopened by 11:30. Please call or email if you have questions about your route by Friday if possible. Hope this helps!