Have you seen Walden Theatre’s projects posted on the power2give website? Been meaning to make your gift but haven’t had a spare minute?

Now’s the time.

With 15 days remaining we’re only $1,180 shy of full funding – after already raising $6,700! That’s terrific, but the pool of matching funds that have supported the launch of Louisville’s power2give is running very low. So far, corporate contributions have matched each individual gift 100%, but we know this source won’t last much longer. And since we’re competing with every other project on power2give to secure those funds we have to act fast!

Please take a moment now to view our

remaining projects, tell a friend about them, and make your contributions go twice as far while the matching funds remain. Just think: if we act quickly, we only need to raise $590 and the corporate donations do the rest.


It doesn’t take many of us to make this happen, and it only takes a couple of minutes. Please give $25 – or whatever you can afford – and be a part of the innovative theatre education programming that Walden Theatre provides for young people throughout the community.

Thank you!