Blue Apple Players is currently hiring actors for a unique role-play training team that works with Child Protective Service Workers.

Audition: March 20th at 6:00pm
Christ Evangelical Church of Christ located at
1228 Breckinridge St.
Park behind the church in parking lot off Barret ave, and come in through the back door.

We are looking for 2 actors (male or female) who are comfortable with role-play/improvisation and are willing to engage in serious subject matter. Actors will be trained to role-play given character scenarios of a child (aged between 4 – 18) to be interviewed by training Child Protective Service Workers. Casting is not limited by age, body type or ethnicity ; although, actors must be 18 years of age or older due to the sensitive nature of subject material.

Trainings for Child Protective Service Workers will occur throughout Kentucky. Housing and transportation for regional trips is provided by the Blue Apple Players. Project Stipend of $900 provided per actor (for all rehearsal, travel time, and performance work) and an additional food per allowance per actor per trip are provided.

Actors MUST be available on the following regional work dates:

April 18th
May 9th & 31st

(one potential additional date to be determined)

If you are interested in auditioning for an acting position, please contact Heather Burns at or 587-7990

Project Director – Raven Railey
Project Producer – Heather Burns (Education Director of Blue Apple Players)