The route for an annual footrace will cut off many of the normal approaches to Walden Theatre this Saturday morning. On March 17, the Rodes City Run will have traffic blocked on many of the streets around us. Please review the specifics below, and you can click here for the race route or here for the street closures.
Here’s the short advice: you can ONLY get to Walden Theatre by 10am via Baxter Avenue from Broadway. Don’t use Lexington. Don’t use Baxter Avenue to the north. Don’t rely on Grinstead from the I-64 exit as it might not be open at the Lexington intersection.
  • CLOSED until 9:00am: Baxter Ave intersection at Broadway/Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until 9:30am: Cherokee Rd from Baxter to Grinstead
  • CLOSED until 9:30am: Grinstead Drive from Cherokee Pkwy to Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until 9:30 or 10:00am: Grinstead from Cherokee Pkwy to Etley Ave/Lexington Rd
  • CLOSED until 10:00am: Lexington Rd from Grinstead to Baxter
  • CLOSED until 10:30am: Baxter Ave from Main St to Lexington
Assuming the time estimates listed above prove accurate (which they may or may not), here are some alternatives for getting to Walden Theatre:
  • From downtown, Old Louisville, or west, come via Broadway after 9:30
  • All others come via Bardstown Road/Baxter Avenue, ONLY FROM THE SOUTH and avoid Grinstead (which may not be open yet in that short stretch from Cherokee Parkway to Lexington Rd)
  • From the east, you can avoid Grinstead by cutting through Cherokee Park and taking Eastern Parkway to Bardstown Rd.
  • From the east, you can reach Bardstown Rd via Taylorsville Rd.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope this email helps you avoid any difficulties. Please email me or call during business hours if you need help with your route.