poster for Young American Shakespeare Festival: Including Othello, Twelfth Night, and Antony and Cleopatra

Can you do better than this, from the 2011 Young American Shakespeare Festival? Let's see it.

Try your hand at poster design for Walden Theatre’s 2012 Young American Shakespeare Festival! This year’s festival includes Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus and Cymbeline plus Ben Jonson’s Volpone. Can you pull it all together in one image?

We’re looking for an illustration that incorporates an image of Shakespeare into the substance of the three plays we’re doing this year in a lively, interesting way. This can be anything: line/ink drawing, collage (should not violate image copyrights), painting, sculpture (we can photograph), photo, or creative use of typography. Feel free to team up or work individually. But please contact Isaac with your ideas before getting too far in, so that we can work out possible obstacles or issues or make photos from past shows available if you need them.

What we’ve talked about is putting Shakespeare in the image holding a pie (Titus), with a clown nose (Cymbeline), wearing fox ears and tail (Volpone). You can run with this concept or pitch something different to Isaac as you get started. Keep in mind that the image should leave an area suitable for listing play titles/directors and the logo for YASF–doesn’t need to be empty, just keep it in mind.

  • Deadline March 14 
(inquire if you need a bit more time)
  • 17” high x 11” wide
  • Full Color or B&W
Scannable/photo-ready artwork will be used in our final page layout
  • Call/email Isaac with questions, pitches, whatever: 502.589.0084 ext 29

The selected design will be featured on the poster for the 2012 Young American Shakespeare Festival with full credit to the artist(s), and we’ll showcase others on Facebook, the website, and the blog.

This is a great opportunity for current students, friends, siblings, or anyone else that wants to get involved to earn some cool recognition and to add a great new piece in your portfolio.

Have fun with this and please keep in touch with Isaac via email/phone/text as you work. Thanks!