There are only two meetings remaining for the Saturday morning Improv class: April 28 and May 12. May 5  is Derby Weekend, so there’s no class on that day.

Which brings us to the Showcase!

We hope parents, friends, and family can attend the Improv Showcase on May 12. The showcase is a fun, funny, and lively event in itself, and we’ll be providing free Highland Coffee just to make sure you’re up for it!

We ask that parents continue the tradition of bringing a treat to share for the Improv Showcase. It’s a fun reward for the kids after (and often during) the show, and you’ll have some time to meet the instructors and your children’s friends and socialize over donuts, brownies, cookies, Highland Coffee, and whatever you’d like to bring.

The Showcase is the last meeting for the spring, but keep in mind that sessions of our popular Summer Academy camp are still open if you need a place for your kids to be active, entertained, and entertaining during the summer break. You can find registration forms for the Summer Academy and all of our other camps for 5-18 year olds on the website.