Walden’s new phone system is installed!

Soon, we’ll be able to include a message that lists upcoming shows or special events, and we’ll also post messages during holidays or severe weather indicating whether classes and/or rehearsals will proceed as usual or be canceled. Voicemail and extensions are all set to go!

That said, we’re still getting all the functions set up, so we ask for your patience as we activate and personalize voicemail, general greetings, and other functions. Also, each staff person has a new extension, so please note the following list:

  • Box Office: 310
  • Charlie Sexton: 301
  • Alison Huff: 304
  • Alec Volz: 307
  • Norma Royalty: 302
  • Isaac Spradlin: 303
  • Julane Havens: 308
  • Melinda Crecelius: 305
  • Hallie Dizdarevic: 306