Here’s the schedule for the Spring Showcases:

IMPROV: No tickets required
Saturday, May 11 – 10am to about 11am
The showcase is a fun, funny, and lively event in itself, and we’ll be providing free Highland Coffee, juice, and milk just to make sure you’re up for it! We ask that parents continue the tradition of bringing a treat to share for the Improv Showcase. It’s a fun reward for the kids after (and often during) the show, and you’ll have some time to meet the instructors and your children’s friends and socialize over donuts, brownies, cookies, Highland Coffee, and whatever you’d like to bring. The Showcase is the last Improv meeting for the semester.

STUDIO: Tickets $8, reservations STRONGLY RECOMMENDED
Wednesday & Friday, April 17 & 19 – 5:30-7:30 (actors must arrive at 4:30)
All Studio  students are required to attend the tech rehearsal on Monday, April 15, with the Wednesday “TOBY” group going 4:30-6:30 and the Friday “FALSTAFF” group going 6:30-8:30. This rehearsal includes a photographer, so students should wear what they plan to wear for the performances (no jeans, no logo Ts, dress in nice clothes). As indicated, we’ve split the Studio class in half, so students will appear in ONE PERFORMANCE ONLY. They are not required to attend the other day, but we’ll have regular classes the week following the showcases.

Tuesday & Thursday, April 16 & 18 – 7pm to around 9pm
Please note that these days are not the usual class meeting for this group and plan your week accordingly. Apprentice students will appear in both performances, and will also need to be here at 4:30 on Tuesday for tech rehearsal and photos. There will be a short dinner break on Tuesday between rehearsal and the show, so students should bring a snack or meal to eat before the performance. Call time on Thursday is 6pm.

PLAYWRITING: No tickets required
Sunday, April 14 – 2pm-4pm
The New Voices Playwriting Class will have a showcase reading of their completed 10-minute plays in the 2nd floor Alt Space. Friends, family, and anyone is invited to attend this feature, but space is limited to ~30.

SENIOR SENDOFF: No tickets required
Tuesday, May 21 – 5:30pm-?
Please join us and your graduating seniors as they say goodbye to many accumulated years with Walden. Bring snacks to share, sodas, and definitely some tissues could come in handy for the waterworks. The sendoff will also include a slideshow of images from everyone’s years at Walden. Not to be missed!