An exciting new partnership between Walden Theatre students/staff and Hand in Hand brings theatre education to Central American kids!

During the week of June 30 to July 7, 2013 Walden Theatre students Chloe Bell and Jake Nichols and Artistic/ Development Associate Julane Havens will take part in a very exciting Arts Immersion trip to Managua, Nicaragua with other artists from Louisville in partnership with volunteers from Hand in Hand, an international organization that transforms lives by sharing life’s essentials with the poor. Together they will work with students of all ages in the Hand in Hand Pathway to Change program to produce a play for parents and others from the barrios in Managua.

Nicaragua is Central America’s most populous country and also home to extreme poverty. Its public education system is inadequate and fails most children, and one way we can help is through the most powerful weapon against such abject poverty that we have: education. Hand in Hand’s Pathway to Change program takes promising students living in extreme poverty and provides them with tools and knowledge to help them succeed. Arts education in particular has been proven to boost student achievement and increase student interest in learning.

As we know well at Walden, and as we’ve been so powerfully reminded during the Connecting Cultures performances and residencies this year, the arts transcend cultural divides and provide a common language for expression and understanding.

The Hands in Harmony event on June 2 from 5pm – 8pm at The Bard’s Town will help raise funds to cover the cost of bringing Chloe, Jake, and Julane on this trip. In addition to transportation, food and lodging expenses, funds are being raised to purchase arts supplies and other items needed for production of the play.

More information about the trip and the event can be found here: