SendoffJoin Walden Theatre as we close out another great year and give a fun farewell to our graduating seniors on Tuesday May 21 at 5:30 @ Walden Theatre!

The  Send-Off is our annual graduation/farewell party celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates as they move on to great things! Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, prodigal sons, friends, neighbors, and young proteges, and anyone is invited to attend. For parents this is a chance to see what the Walden Theatre experience is all about as the seniors share their memories, tell us about the things they’ve learned, and look ahead to where they’re going next.

On the program, we’ll be awarding diplomas and watching a great slideshow that features the seniors in all their performances!

It’s a Walden tradition to bring a snack to share (dip/chips, cookies, cupcakes, what-have-you). If you’d like to donate soda, water, or anything else for the event, visit our sign-up:

Here’s this year’s clutch of Walden Theatre grads:

Ethan Corder
Cherrish Curry
Chandler Dalton
Courtney Doyle
Maggie Eskridge
Christopher Lockhart
Marshall Makk
Jake Nichols
Hank Paradis
Jennie Richardson
Callie Trawick

Plus, we’ll be saying farewell to Tess Varga, who will be moving away this summer. We’ll miss you everyone!