Are you Hard-Core? It’s not too late.

If you want to join, just look over the list below for how you can grab points toward Hard-Core club membership. If you have any questions, see Julane. Otherwise, see you in the club!

How to earn points:

See a WT Show: 1
Write a class or show testimonial on WT’s FB page (limit 5 per year): 1
Usher a WT Show (under 14 w/ parent): 1
Audition for a WT Show: 2
Bring a friend/ family member to a WT Show (limit 1 per performance): 2
Bring a potential WT student to class: 2 (+ 10 if they sign up!)
Hang WT show posters in a neighborhood (sign-up only): 2
Assist with Strike (by permission only): 2
Volunteer (special events, projects, or fundraisers): 2
Assistant Stage-manage/ Tech Crew on a WT production: 4
Assist with Set Construction (by permission only): 4
Assist/ Stage-manage a Summer Academy: 8
Stage-manage a WT production: 8
Master Class (Performance Class only, must attend regularly): 8
Student-mentorship program (Juniors & Seniors only, by permission only, per semester): 8
Student tech-internship program (Juniors & Seniors only, by permission only, per semester): 10
Write a 10-minute play for YPF (limit 2): 10
Attend ALL WT plays in a season: + 10
Perfect attendance (per semester, 1 class free-be with note): 20 + Award

Hard-Core? You bet. So what do I get FOR BEING HARD-CORE?

Hard-Core T-Shirt w/ name on the back
Group Picture in the Lobby
Initiation Party at the end of the Spring Semester (for new and existing)
Invitations to special events during the year (lock-ins, movie nights, workshops, etc.)
Special Awards and Prizes for points earned


Keep track of your points and have a staff member sign your log for points earned
Make sure to get a stamp at the Box Office when you attend plays (and bring friends!)
You are responsible for keeping track of your attendance and getting signatures
Turn your logs into Julane at the end of each semester
Points & awards for the year will be announced at the senior sendoff!