Amanda Rountree is a Chicago-based writer/performer who got her start by taking Improv and acting classes at Walden Theatre  back in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  She’s returning to Louisville this weekend to perform a one-woman show which is all about her journey as an artist.  Here is all of the info about the show, courtesy of Amanda:

185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar 
Written and performed by Amanda Rountree, directed by Jen Ellison
Produced in conjunction with Bunbury Theatre
Saturday, September 7, 8pm
at the Henry Clay building 604 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY
Tickets $14

185 Buddhas Walk into a Bar
The art of improvisation creates stories from thin air, making the unseen seen. For Amanda Rountree, this is not just an art form, but a way of life — one that includes unexpected twists and turns — leading, if not to mastery, to enlightenment.  Written and performed by Amanda Rountree, and directed by Jen Ellison, this show follows the artist on her path with all of the funny and touching moments along the way.

The Chicago Reader says, “Amanda Rountree is a riot!”  Audience members have described the show as “inspiring,” “funny,” “beautiful,” and “a must-see!“  The Chicagoist picked this show as one of their “three to see.”  Click here to watch a trailer for the show. You can also click here to read a review of the show.  To purchase tickets for the Louisville performance, click here.