The first weekend in October is the St. James Court Art Show, and Walden Theatre has been invited again to set up a booth and share information with the throngs of people attending. Staff will be at the booth at all times, and in addition we’ll need parents, board members, supporters, and students to help us tell our story better.  As ever, volunteering can help students earn hard-core points.  Shifts are broken into 2-hour increments to make it easy to commit without costing anyone an entire day.

And we can sell raffle tickets!

The booth is located on 4th Street, about halfway between Hill and Magnolia and very close to the Fountain Court cut through that takes you in to St. James Court (and, yes, the fountain there). Here’s a link for the Google map location. We’re close to food and drink and ice cream, if those are things you like.

Here’s a link for the online volunteer signup.