There are two street closures coming up that will affect transportation to/from Walden Theatre. Here’s the details:

October 11: Caufield’s Halloween Parade

Bardstown Road will be closed 6:30-8:30 from Baxter Ave and Lexington Rd up to Longest Ave and Bardstown Road (at Midcity Mall). This will disrupt traffic to Walden Theatre from anywhere in the Highlands and from points west. The good news for Studio and Apprentice parents is that our show Six Characters begins at 7:30. This is a great chance for students to use their comp ticket to stay after class and see the show!

October 13: CycLOUvia

Bardstown Road and Baxter Ave will be closed to vehicle traffic Sunday 2-6pm from Douglass Loop to Broadway for this event to encourage healthy lifestyles. It’s a fun day to get out and walk or bike the street and enjoy all that this neighborhood has to offer. But it will also affect your route if you plan to drive anywhere near the Highlands. Crossing will be allowed by police officers at Eastern Pkwy, Grinstead Dr, and Highland Ave, but you’d probably do well to go around if possible.