Get ready for a Winter Wonderland!

We’ve been working hard on our play and couldn’t be more excited to share it with you soon. The showcase dates and times for the groups are as follow:

Saturday Group: Dec 21 @ 10:30am (Changed due to recent cancellation. See below)
Monday Group: Dec 16 @ 5:30pm & 6:00pm (see below for RSVP info)

Students will need to be dropped off at the usual time for class to do complete a dress rehearsal before the performance. After the performances we’ll have a chance to socialize a bit and congratulate our young performers.


Since we had to cancel our final class (dress rehearsal) before the showcase due to weather on Dec 7, we’re planning to have a regular class on the 14th and the final showcase on the 21st. Please contact Miss Hallie if you have questions.


Space for the showcase is limited, and due to a full class the Monday Imagination showcase ONLY will be offered in two time slots on Monday Dec 16. The first will be 5:30 and the second will be 6:00. Please RSVP for one or the other time on this online signup.

All students will need to be present for both performances, so if you plan to attend the early show please stick around until after the second is finished before taking kids home. If there’s room in the second performance, we’ll try to seat everyone.

Attendees are more than welcome to take pictures and videos throughout the performance.

As ever, contact Miss Hallie if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you, and have a great end of the class!