WEATHER ALERT: In the event that inclement weather this week or next forces a change of schedule, please watch your email inbox, the Walden website (, and the Walden facebook page ( for information and the latest updates.

The IMPROV SHOWCASE is December 14 from 10-11am. Please note that if you’re not already in attendance students will need picked up at 11am instead of noon.

We’ll provide free juice, milk, and plenty of delicious coffee courtesy of Highland Coffee Company. It is also a tradition for families to bring a treat (pastries, cupcakes, cookies, cheese & crackers, fruit, that kind of thing) to share for the students. The Improv groups take turns performing, and after each group finishes they’ll raid the treats and watch the following groups. It’s all a lot of fun, and a great reward at the end of a great semester.

Admission is free, and family and friends are encouraged to attend. It sometimes gets crowded, but there is standing room.

The showcase is the final class meeting for the semester. After the showcase, please have a great and safe winter break, and be sure to watch your mailbox for information about class promotions and registering for the spring term!