Due to inclement weather and snowy driving conditions, Walden Theatre classes will not meet the morning of Saturday January 25. This cancellation affects Improv Class and the Saturday Imagination Class, both of which meet in the morning.
Performances of Jane Eyre and all rehearsals scheduled for today will go ahead as planned, with the one rehearsal group scheduled for 10am this morning to begin at noon instead. Anything beginning after noon will start on time. Roads should improve a lot by then.
As ever, in the event of inclement weather — this week, next week, or whenever — please watch the following:
  *Facebook (facebook.com/WaldenTheatre)
  *Twitter (twitter.com/waldentheatre)
  *Our website (waldentheatre.org)
When possible, we also update the general message on our office phone, but check the other sources for the first word.
Thank you, sorry for the cancellation, and stay safe and warm!