The last Fund for The Arts 5×5 grant deadline is quickly approaching. Take a look at our programs and be sure to request Blue Apple Players to fulfill your performance and literacy needs.

In-School And After School Programs:

StoryTime                                          (PreK-3rd Grade)                                 40 min $125/ 30 min $100
Join in this lively, interactive storytelling program. Children participate through imagination, sound and movement. Led by two teaching artists, this session encourages active listening, comprehension and language development – all skills vital to early literacy.


Story Craft                                        (1st – 5th Grade)                                  90 min $150/ 60 min $100
Bring a story to life with drama! Story Craft builds active listening through traditional storytelling, and reinforces student’s knowledge of literacy through kinesthetic drama activities. Students take on the roles and create the story’s environment to learn foundational literary elements. This workshop is a great place to start before students begin to write their own stories.


StoryTime Theatre:                          (PreK – 5th Grade)                                                    $500
Our mini-play program featuring an entertaining 30 minute performance with whimsical props and costumes, and a 15 minute educational Question & Answer session. Legends – On The Trail of Daniel Boone  is a lively production that features four professional actors whose comedic retelling of the legends of Daniel Boone delight and entertain audiences of all ages. With a focus on the literary structures of legends, the actors investigate fact vs. folklore. The show encourages students’ creativity by utilizing innovative props and costumes. Through each legend the audience will experience the trials and adventures of one the greatest American frontiersmen! – Now through March 2015.– New Play to premiere in April 2015!


Bullying Behaviors                            (3rd – 12th Grade)                                                       $300 – $500
Designed to engage through self expression, Blue Apple Players guide students through a variety of drama games, confidence building activities, observation exercises, group discussion, creative role play, and practice of proactive responses to bullying. Limit 30 students per session. Call for details


Job Readiness                                    (8th – 12th Grade)                                                       5 hours $500
Skills practiced in drama are the same tools for lifelong success. This workshop series utilizes spontaneous creativity, acting techniques, and observation practices to prepare students for a job interview and behavior in the workplace.


Custom Design (PreK – 12th grade and Adult)                                                                   Call us for pricing
We’ll design a workshop or residency that assists you in helping your students learn. Our custom-designed, interactive workshops will promote learning in any subject you need!