Banner-Our_LouisvilleThis summer, Walden Theatre collaborated with Louisville Visual Art Association and Kentucky Shakespeare to provide students at three Metro Parks community centers with an engaging, interdisciplinary program that helped young people find their voices.

During the seven-week Our Louisville program, students from Parkhill, Shelby, and Southwick Community Centers worked with theatre artists to create original plays that explore their perspectives on the community in which they live—along the way envisioning how that community could change for the better.

The residency involved 16 sessions, with students ages 5-13 participating in drama, movement, and visual arts. Our Louisville culminates in a free performance:

Central Park
C. Douglas Ramey Amphitheater
August 7 at 7:15pm

(ahead of the Kentucky Shakespeare Community Partners performance of
As You Like It by Le Petomane Theatre Ensemble)

In addition to theatre instruction, visual artists worked with participants to create a piece of art that serves as a backdrop for the final performance. In Central Park, participants from all three community centers will perform—sharing a varied youth perspective on our city and reminding grown-ups and kids alike that positive change IS possible.