Hello everyone,

Now that Walden Theatre/Blue Apple Players have merged, we’re busy integrating our websites. So we’ve gone and relaunched WaldenTheatre.org on a new, improved, expanding new website–and there’s also this new blog. We’ve imported all the content from the old blog so everything you’ve seen over the past several years will remain accessible on the new site. Just like that.

Of course, this means you’ll need to subscribe anew to the new site to get updates when we post. OR DOES IT?

I’ve migrated all the current subscribers from the old waldentheatre.wordpress.com blog to the new one, and you should now receive any updates from the new site just as you did before. Only now, everything originates from one source: <a href=”http://www.commonwealththeatre.org”>www.WaldenTheatre.org</a>. Hurrah!

If you happen to experience problems or just want to confirm for yourself that your email address has migrated successfully, you can visit the following link, enter your email in the Get the news! subscription box on the right, and you’ll either be added or you’ll get a popup that says you’re already on that list. Either way, you’re done and it was just that easy.


If you have questions, please email <a href=”mailto:mail@waldentheatre.org”>Isaac</a>. Thanks for following us, and welcome to a brave new world with a brave new Walden Theatre/Blue Apple Players integrated website.