The Rodes City Run is Saturday March 21. The race route encircles our location, and street closures are posted to run through 11:00am, but the course will reopen to vehicle traffic as soon as racers have moved along to the later stages of this 10k.

Here’s the short advice: The ONLY way to get to 9;30 or 10:00am classes is via Baxter Avenue. Don’t use Lexington. Don’t use Baxter Avenue from the north. Don’t rely on Grinstead from the I-64 exit as it isn’t clear whether it’ll be open at the Lexington Rd. intersection.
[responsive]Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.02.19 PM[/responsive]The general pattern is that early portions of the route are closed until the following times:
  • CLOSED until 9:00am: Baxter Ave intersection at Broadway/Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until 9:30am: Cherokee Rd from Baxter to Grinstead
  • CLOSED until 9:30am: Grinstead Drive from Cherokee Pkwy to Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until 9:30 or 10:00am: Grinstead from Cherokee Pkwy to Etley Ave/Lexington Rd
  • CLOSED until 10:00am: Lexington Rd from Grinstead to Baxter
  • CLOSED until 10:30am: Baxter Ave from Main St to Lexington
Assuming the time estimates listed above prove accurate (they’re intended as estimates only!), here are some ideas for getting here:
  • From downtown, Old Louisville, and points north (Indiana) and west, use Oak Street to Baxter Ave. northbound to Payne.
  • From Highlands, and points east, get to northbound Baxter Ave and take it to Payne.We strongly suggest you avoid Grinstead and use instead Taylorsville or Cherokee Park/Eastern Parkway to Bardstown Rd.
We’re sorry for the inconvenience (happens every year in March), and I hope this helps you avoid any difficulties. Please email me or call during business hours if you need help with your route.