OCTOBER 16(That’s this Friday!)

The Louisville Halloween Parade is this Friday, October 16. It happens every year, and every year it’s annoying to have our closest intersection and many families’ primary route here (via Baxter Ave) cut off. But this year we have a great solution!

We invite you to let Studio and Apprentice kids to stay after class on Friday and see our season-opening play The Importance of Being Earnest. The show starts at 7:30, with house opening at 7pm. For kids staying to see the show, please provide dinner or snack for them (Spinelli’s might be slammed, so bringing something is a good idea).

Regardless of whether your kid has already used their comp to see this play, all enrolled students who elect to stay on the 16th can attend free of cost.

Of course, parents or anyone else wishing to see the play are welcome to attend, just plan your route in advance and allow plenty of extra time. Regular ticket rates apply.

It’s easy, it’s efficient, it’s free for the kids, and it’ll likely save you a trip through a traffic mess on a Friday evening. Perfect, right?

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Parade begins 7pm at Broadway & Baxter and proceeds up to Bardstown & Grinstead. The performance runs 2 hrs plus two 10-min intermissions so rides should try to be here for pickup around 9:45pm.

CLOSURES 5 pm – 8 pm on the following streets: 

–Baxter Avenue from Rosewood Avenue to Windsor Place

–Baxter Avenue from Broadway to Highland Avenue

–Bardstown Road from Highland Avenue to Grinstead Drive

–Broadway from Barret Avenue to Baxter Avenue

–Barret Avenue from Broadway to Rubel Avenue