Spring Semester Classes and Showcases

There will be no classes April 4-9 for Spring Break. Showcases will be the final meeting of Imagination, Improv, Studio, and Apprentice classes for the term. Please note that the schedule below includes additional rehearsal times for some classes as well as extended rehearsals. Aside from specifics indicated below, please plan to meet for classes as usual until showcases.


  • Monday Showcase: April 18 (see instructor for further info)
  • Saturday Showcase: April 30 (see instructor for further info)


  • Saturday & Monday Showcase: Saturday April 23 at 10:00 (ends ~11:15am)
    The theatre provides free coffee, juice, and milk. It’s tradition for families to bring a treat to share.


  • Mandatory Rehearsal: Monday April 18, 4:00-8:30pm
  • Mandatory Rehearsal: Wednesday April 20, 4:00-8:30pm
    (There will be a dinner break both nights, but students must bring food)
  • Macbeth Performances: Thursday April 21 and Friday April 22 at 5:30pm
    (Students arrive 4:00 and appear in both performances. Please send dinner or a snack.)


  • Romeo & Juliet Performance: Tuesday April 19 at 5:30
    (Actors arrive 4:00pm before the show. Please send dinner or a snack.)
  • Hamlet Performance: Wednesday April 20 at 5:30
    (Actors arrive 4:00pm before the show. Please send dinner or a snack.)
  • No classes on Weds/Fri during showcase week. Showcase is the last meeting of the term.


  • No showcases. Last day of formal classes was March 31.
  • Evaluations are the week of April 11-15 (students must sign up for their evaluation date/time)
  • After April 9, students in the Young American Shakespeare Festival have rehearsals beginning at 4pm
  • Please watch for announcements about the Young American Shakespeare Festival – May 12-22