Give kids an innovative new way to grow artistic, academic, and social skills through a powerful new theatre education partnership.

Building Character & Staging Success is a 13-week hands-on theatre education project aimed at engaging youth ages 8-18 (including at-risk young people from across Louisville) and giving them opportunities to build skills vital to future success in school and beyond. This pilot project by Commonwealth Theatre Center, Louisville Central Community Centers, and Louisville Urban League features two theatre training programs to serve 40+ students, with CTC Teaching Artists leading an “Improv” class for novices and a “Studio” class for experienced youth.

Classes take place at LCCC, and recruitment efforts by LCCC and Urban League will draw on current LCCC participants and additional kids from the surrounding Russell neighborhood.

Young people will learn theatre fundamentals like the Actors Toolkit, improvisation, and partnered & ensemble scenework, and throughout the class they will be assessed on 21st Century skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Initiative, and Problem-solving). Culminating showcases for both classes will demonstrate firsthand kids’ ability to express themselves using what they’ve learned.

Many of these young people are at risk of falling through the cracks or falling behind their peers. Your support eliminates barriers that limit youth access to arts education and enables young people to take up creative new approaches to social and academic change for themselves and their peers.

Be a part of this groundbreaking new partnership to benefit children living in West Louisville. And with success, we can bring this pilot initiative to scale and affect the lives of more young people in more neighborhoods of the region through theatre education.

Our fundraising goal is $30,490. Funds cover:
• Two 13-week theatre training programs
• Part time coordinator position
• Classroom space
• An introductory family event, and more
• Training/planning time for staff involved