Imagination, Improv, Studio, and Apprentice classes all have showcases this fall. Please look over the information below for details, especially since schedules require some of the rehearsals and performances to take place on irregular days.


  • MONDAY (Ms. Meg): performance December 5 at 5:30pm (students arrive 4:00-4:15 wearing costume pieces)
  • MONDAY (Ms. Mera): performance December 12 at 5:30pm (students arrive 4:00-4:15 wearing costume pieces)
  • SATURDAY (Ms. Hallie): performance December 17 at 10:30am (students arrive 9:00-9:15 wearing costume pieces)

ALL: Due to extremely high demand, we have established a special ticketing policy. Each student will receive up to four complimentary tickets to their showcase (whether on 12/17 or 12/19). Additional tickets can be purchased for $5 apiece. For reservations, check with your instructor.


Please note that there is DIFFERENT INFORMATION depending on whether you’re in the Saturday or Monday cohort. Please review the details below carefully. You don’t want to miss this.

    Showcase is Saturday, December 10 from 10:00am-11:00am
    Showcase is Saturday(!!), December 10 from 11:30am-12:30pm
    (That’s no typo, both groups will have their showcases the same day!)

The showcase is free to attend, and you’ll want to arrive early to get a seat. We provide free coffee (from Highland Coffee!), milk, and juice for everyone. And its a tradition that families bring a treat to share. As each class finishes their section of the showcase, the kids will raid the goodies table.

This is always a really fun time, and we hope your family and kids’ friends can join us. See you on December 10!


Free to attend, but reservations recommended. To reserve, contact the box office at (502) 589-0084

Showcase Dates- Dec. 7th and Dec. 9th
The showcase starts at 5:00pm; we plan to finish by 7pm. (Due to the runtime of the studio showcase, we had to move up the start time to 5:00. We are sorry for the change.)
**Student actors are called at 4pm on showcase days.

SHOWCASE ATTIRE: Students should wear casual dress clothes. Please no logos, solid white, tennis shoes, high heels, sandals. Any long hair needs to be pulled back out of the face. Ladies who wear skirts or dresses are advised to wear leggings or shorts underneath.


Apprentice is split into two different performances. Showcase is free to attend, and reservations are not needed. On performance day, actors arrive at 4pm, showcase is 5:30-6:30. Actors will have instructions on what to wear from directors.

  • Tuesday Dec 6:
    “4:17” “From This Day Forward” “A+” “Two Musketeers” “Dorothy & Alice”
  • Thursday Dec 8:
    “Dan & Beth” “Star Bright” “Blind Room” “California Raisins” “The Woman Who Shot Santa Claus”