StoryTime Theatre:


by Mera Kathryn Corlett

Commonwealth Theatre Center invites your whole family to join us for SKYHIGH TALES by Mera Kathryn Corlett. The performance is an adventure with America’s larger than life folk heroes who showcase the courage, feats of strength, and resiliency that define all tall tale characters.

This production is part of our touring repertoire of shows for schools and community centers.  The acting company  is excited to make an event like this open to the public. Just as in our school performances, the play will conclude with a lively 15-min interaction with the actors that gives young and old a deeper understanding of the tall tale literary genre and its outsized use of hyperbole.

Tickets just $5

Saturday Feb 18
Show @ 10:30

Nancy Niles Sexton Stage
Commonwealth Theatre Center
1123 Payne Street, Louisville, KY 40204

To reserve:
502.589.0084  or

SKYHIGH TALES features props and set pieces hand-made from familiar objects, demonstrating that resourcefulness is a gateway to creative expression.