Rodes City Run

The race course for this event on March 18 encircles our location, and official street closures are posted to run through 11:00am. But the course WILL REOPEN to vehicle traffic as soon as racers have moved along. By 9:15, people will be able to use Barret or Baxter to get into our neighborhood, with Grinstead opening between 9:30 and 10am.

Here’s the short advice for Saturday March 18:
The reliable way to get here for 9:30 or 10:00am classes is via Baxter Avenue.


Don’t use Lexington Road. Don’t use Baxter Avenue from the north (downtown). Don’t rely on Grinstead from the I-64 exit as it isn’t clear whether it’ll be open at the Lexington Rd. intersection in time for us. Please detour and play it safe by aiming for the routes between #1 and #2 on the map above.

Traffic Pattern

Early portions of the route are closed until the following times. (The times listed below are intended as estimates only, they’ve held true in past years, but these are impossible to predict):

  • CLOSED until 9:00am: Baxter Ave intersection at Broadway/Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until 9:30am: Cherokee Rd from Baxter to Grinstead
  • CLOSED until 9:30am: Grinstead Drive from Cherokee Pkwy to Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until 9:30 or 10:00am: Grinstead from Cherokee Pkwy to Etley Ave/Lexington Rd
  • CLOSED until 10:00am: Lexington Rd from Grinstead to Baxter
  • CLOSED until 10:30am: Baxter Ave from Main St to Lexington

Please allow a little extra time and we’ll see you on Saturday!