[responsive][/responsive]Thanks to the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund at Fund for the Arts, CTC was able to build capacity for our programming by enabling the hire of much-needed full-time staff.

The gift, a strategic grant of $20,000, helped us add Meg Caudill to our full-time ranks, and she’s been busy! This year, she’s worked with 18 schools and a homeschool program, engaging about 1,381 students, teaching everything from astronomy and zombie math to early American history along the way. She’s also trained other Teaching Artists for early childhood and pre-K programs.

[responsive][/responsive][responsive][/responsive]On top of in-school programs, Meg is also a key player in the Conservatory with Imagination and Studio classes, and she also featured in this year’s professional company-in-residence production of Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco.

We’re grateful to have Meg alongside us as we continue to bring amazing theatre programs to young people. And we’re grateful for the generous support of the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund at Fund for the Arts that has made this possible.