We had a remarkable year working with the students at Summit Academy. Kosair Charities with the Fund for the Arts deserves a heartfelt Thank You for making all this great work possible. Here are a few closing remarks from Hallie Dizdarevic and Meg Caudill about the experience:

Hallie Dizdarevic, Lead Artistic Associate at CTC:

Getting to work with Summit Academy students for a second school year has been a joy! Their campus has begun to feel like a second home. At this point we know all of the students by name and we love hearing the chorus of “yes!” In the lobby when they realize it is a CTC day. This year, we were able to dig much deeper into all of our programs because the students already had a foundational knowledge of theatre arts and activities. Programs varied from making Huichol yarn art to extend a Spanish Movement for Stories with the primary students, plays and monologues about history and math with the upper elementary and middle school, and even a custom process drama to help the oldest practical living students develop executive functioning skills through the study of gardening.


Meg Caudill, Artistic Associate at CTC:

It’s been wonderful to see the long-term growth in the students because we have been able to work with them consistently over an extended period of time. The students have become more confident and enthusiastic in their interactions and have truly taken the improv rule of “Yes, and…” to heart. Where else could I see students create a performance about dinosaurs using math to figure out how to build a dinosaur school to keep them warm during the winter? Or a scene about first amendment rights that was set in outer space on the Death Star? (That scene was quite possibly my most favorite scene I have ever directed.) When I worked with the 1st-3rd grade students on their Huichol yarn art project a month after performing our Spanish Movement for Stories workshop, I was amazed at how much information they had retained about the characters and plot of the story. Any day that I get to visit Summit Academy is always a favorite day for me.