Give for Good Louisville

Give for Good Louisville
September 14

Commonwealth Theatre Center is excited to be part of this one-day online giving event organized by Community Foundation of Louisville. And we hope you’ll join us for this one day of online giving.

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Mark your calendar!

Socialize and advocate for CTC with #GiveForGoodLou

In advance of the big day, we invite you to share our story by sharing yours! Send an email, post a link to this page on Facebook, tag your posts on Twitter or Instagram with #GiveForGoodLou and #CTheatre (*see* what we did there?). Share how CTC has affected you or your child. Your help and your point of view are crucial in the run-up to September 14—we can’t do this without you! So, what to talk about?

  • Is it our education work bringing professional touring shows and theatre-based early childhood, math, science, and language arts programs to schools and community centers?
  • Is it the $30,000 we award annually in financial aid for young actors and playwrights to take part in the Conservatory?
  • Is it the economic contribution we make by employing artists and providing the vital, world-class opportunities for Louisville families to engage with the arts—making our city an amazing place to live and work?

Theatre isn’t magic, it’s a practice.

It’s creative risk-taking. It’s Listening, Thinking, and Reacting. Theatre education cultivates skills that young people will need no matter where life takes them, and it develops the problem solving, commitment, teamwork & peer learning, and resiliency that will make them stand out.

Thank you for sharing your support and making this campaign a success!