Before going anywhere in the Highlands today (or on the way to see The Crucible’s final performances at 2pm and 7:30pm), please take note:

[box style=”1 or 2″][separator headline=”h3″ title=”Halloween Parade”]The Halloween Parade/Festival takes place Saturday Oct 21 in the Highlands. The Festival runs noon-8pm on Baxter Avenue between Highland and Hepburn, and then the Parade begins at 4pm and runs along Baxter and Bardstown Rd from Broadway to Grinstead. [/box]

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[separator headline=”h3″ title=”Urban Bourbon Half Marathon”]

Saturday classes (Improv and Imagination) and arrivals for auditions/rehearsals will be affected by street closures for Urban Bourbon Half Marathon on the October 21. We are sorry to make a late advisory. Race organizers are supposed to notify us far far in advance. They did not.

The race route encircles our location, and in order to make everyone’s progress here a bit easier (or possible at all) please note changes to class times and detours below:

Class changes

  • Imagination will meet 10am-11:30am. This will allow a little more flexibility to parents in getting here and finding detours.

  • Improv meets as usual 10am-noon.

Getting here

Everyone driving here will have to approach our address on Payne Street via Lexington Rd. until around 11:30am.

Major streets in the Highlands and throughout Cherokee Park will be closed until as late as 11:30, including Baxter Avenue. For many people coming from Highlands and points west, this means swinging all the way around Cherokee and Seneca Parks to reach Lexington Rd or Frankfort Avenue.

Some in the Highlands and points west may park in the neighborhood behind Spinelli’s, on the other side of Baxter Ave. You can then walk students across the race route to get here.

It is likely that Lexington Road will have at least one lane of traffic open all morning heading toward downtown from St. Matthews, and by 10am Lexington should be entirely reopened. If necessary, though, you can detour to Frankfort Ave and take that to Ewing/Payne to get here. Arrivals via I-64 should be fine. Lexington at Alta Vista will be closed a little later, so anyone coming all the way down Lexington should consider an alternative route down Frankfort Ave.

Please plan your route in advance and allow extra time, and if you need advice on how best to reach us, please call 502-589-0084 or email Isaac.