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Do you have a fund with Community Foundation of Louisville?
Know a familiy member, friend, or neighbor who does?

Community Foundation of Louisville has included Commonwealth Theatre Center in their Essential Needs push for March 2018. What this means for us is that donors through CFL can support some very specific projects that ensure we can keep doing the great programatic work we do in this building 300 days a year.

As you know, the Walden Theatre Conservatory and Blue Apple Outreach programs are world-class. But our 72 year old building is showing its age. Repairs and upgrades are overdue to ensure effective, efficient operations.

Please take a look at the message below from CFL that went out in their email newsletter.



At the Community Foundation of Louisville, we believe that strong nonprofits are essential to a thriving community. To that end, we invest in the long-term success of nonprofits through capacity building and strategic grant making.

However, we also know that sometimes organizations have timely needs that can be difficult to pair with potential funding. This month, we present local nonprofits’ essential needs – timely and tangible items that, if funded, can make a significant difference to the organization and those they serve.  We invite you to consider supporting these organizations essential needs, should they align with your philanthropic interests.

Commonwealth Theatre Center (CTC) develops youth and this community through excellence in comprehensive theatre education and performance. Formerly Walden Theatre/Blue Apple Players (merged Jan. 2015), the Walden Theatre Conservatory and Blue Apple Outreach programs engage 51,500 youth and families annually, building artistic, academic and social skills across Greater Louisville.

Essential Needs

  • Three new toilets in primary public restroom, including installation: $1,100
  • 10 replacement air conditioner window units for classrooms and offices: $6,600
  • Replacement of missing or disintegrating crown molding for classrooms, offices, and lobby, including installation: $5,000

If you are interested in supporting Commonwealth Theatre Center with a grant from your Community Foundation fund, please visit our MyFund page.

Thank you for your support, and for sharing these needs with those who can help!