Hello Walden Theatre Conservatory Families,

We’ve received complaints from our neighbors recently about pick-up and drop-off time problems and strongly urge everyone to be more conscientious. To that end, we’re highlighting a couple of provisions below (they’re also in the handbook) that will keep CTC arrival and departure times safe.

  • Please pick up and drop off students on the near (north) side of Payne Street. Our street has a lot of fast-moving traffic, and the middle of the block is NEVER a safe place to cross for students or parents.
  • Do not stop your car in the travel lanes on Payne Street for pickup/drop-off. This is NEVER safe. Consider pick up/drop off at the rear of our building instead or circle the block to avoid blocking traffic. If there’s not a space, try circling the block or checking the side streets.
  • Do not make a U-turn on Payne Street. Like the previous 2 points, this is NEVER safe. You can circle the block behind our building and pull out going the direction you wish after that.
  • Do not park in yellow zones. Parking in front of hydrants or designated disabled parking spots is NEVER legal.
  • Be considerate of our neighbors. On-street parking requires some courtesy. Do not box cars in, do not double park, and if you plan on parking while classes are in session please consider using the lot behind the building after 5pm.

Finally, don’t strand students after class! This has improved, but please know that if a student is not picked up within 15 minutes of dismissal, a $25 fee will be charged and invoiced. That fee escalates to $50 if more than 30 minutes late. We know life happens, but after 4 late incidents students will not be able to return until the following semester.