You know what that sign means…

Road closures!

Here’s a link with official info, though much of is it more general than what we have below:

Rodes City Run

The race course for this event on March 9 encircles our location, and official street closures are posted to run through 11:00am. But portions of the course WILL REOPEN to vehicle traffic as soon as racers have moved along. Here’s the short advice: The ONLY way to get here for 9:30 or 10:00am classes is via Baxter Avenue.

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Don’t use Lexington Road. Don’t use Baxter Avenue from the north (downtown/river). Don’t rely on Grinstead from the I-64 exit as it isn’t clear whether it’ll be open at the Lexington Rd. intersection in time for you. And traffic officers are not the easiest to reason with. 

Traffic Pattern

Early portions of the route are closed until the following times. (The times listed below are intended as estimates only, but have held true in past years):

  • Broadway: Forget it. Closed until 11, then portions thereafter for the St. Pat’s events. 
  • CLOSED until ~9:00am: Baxter Ave intersection at Broadway/Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until ~9:30am: Cherokee Rd from Baxter to Grinstead
  • CLOSED until ~9:30am: Grinstead Drive from Cherokee Pkwy to Cherokee Rd
  • CLOSED until ~9:30 or 10:00am: Grinstead from Cherokee Pkwy to Etley Ave/Lexington Rd
  • CLOSED until ~10:00am: Lexington Rd from Grinstead to Baxter
  • CLOSED until ~10:30am: Baxter Ave from Main St to Lexington

Getting Here

  • From downtown, Old Louisville, and points north (Indiana) and west, use Oak Street to get to Baxter Avenue to Payne.
  • From Highlands, and points east, get to northbound Baxter Ave and take it to Payne.We suggest you avoid Grinstead and use instead Cherokee Park/Eastern Parkway to Bardstown Rd. or other route.

Picking Up and Rehearsals

  • Baxter will be closed around noon for St. Patrick’s Day Parade and festivities (more on that below) so our parents picking up Improv students and those coming in for rehearsals will likely need to detour around Baxter Ave. via Barret or Lexington after pickup. 

St. Patrick’s Parade

The parade runs Baxter/Broadway to Mid-City Mall from 3pm-5 (or later), with the route closing around noon. In addition, Baxter Ave will be closed until 8pm between Broadway and Highland Ave. This draws huge crowds, so expect the Highlands be choked with traffic. Please detour & allow LOTS of extra time.

Anyone coming to CTC for rehearsals or the 7:30 pm performance of Cabaret should please note the route and allow plenty of extra time to navigate. 

Here’s a link with info about closures.