Below, you’ll find links to galleries of production photos from every camp session of James and the Giant Peach. Please click through to the Flickr gallery for your Summer Academy and you can select the images you’d like to order.

(If you don’t see your camp’s gallery yet, be patient. They’ll be posted soon!)

The images in the galleries are low-resolution and have been watermarked. The images we give you are the full-resolution jpeg files provided by the photographer. Photography in galleries for camps 1-5 and camp 7 are by Crystal Ludwick Photo. Photography for camp 6 is by Sarah Katherine Davis.

For ordering, follow the instructions below:

  • click a button below to open a Flickr gallery
  • flip through and find an image or images you like
  • a filename will appear when you click or hover on an image
  • make a list of the image filenames you’d like to order (use the “X of YYY” numbers in the filename)
  • submit your list to this email address


  • 2 for $5
  • 5 for $10
  • 10 for $15 (or 10-19 qty for $1.50 each)
  • 20 for $25 (or 20-49 qty for $1.25 each)
  • 50 for $50 ($1.00 each, you get the drift)
  • Full photoset of each show $75