Urban Bourbon Half Marathon is Saturday

Oct 19 – Detours and Schedule

Saturday classes (Improv and Imagination) will be affected by street closures for Urban Bourbon Half Marathon on Saturday, October 19.

The race route encircles our location, and in order to make everyone’s progress here possible, we have detours and class schedule changes outlined below.

Class Time Changes

  • Imagination classes will meet 10am-11:30am. This will allow more flexibility to parents in getting here and using the detours.
  • Improv meets as usual 10am-noon but will also have to use detours.

Detour to the east to get to class

Everyone driving here will have to approach our address on Payne Street via the intersection at Lexington Rd. until around 11:30am.

Major streets in the Highlands and throughout Cherokee Park will be closed until as late as 11:30 (or when the race route is clear), including Baxter Avenue.

For anyone coming from the Highlands or anywhere West/South of Cherokee Park, this means swinging all the way around Cherokee and Seneca Parks to access Frankfort Avenue.

Arrivals via I-64 should consider exiting at Mellwood and coming up to Payne via Spring St or Frankfort/Pope/Payne.

In past years, Lexington Road has had at one lane of traffic running from St. Matthews toward downtown. We don’t know for certain if that’s the case this year, and traffic can be unpredictable – we’ve been stuck behind VERY slow-moving cone collectors before. The safe play is to get to Frankfort Ave.

People not wishing to detour may choose to park in the neighborhood behind Spinelli’s (on the other side of Baxter Ave). In breaks between runners, there should be opportunities to walk across. 

Please plan your route in advance and allow extra time, and if you need advice on how best to reach us, please call 502-589-0084 or email Isaac.