CTC Update – March 26

Organization Update
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Organization Update

First and foremost, we hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well. As we collectively navigate these unprecedented times, we want you to know that CTC cares deeply about your health and happiness and is committed to using our platform as storytellers (more on that below in CTC Online) to help you, our extended CTC family, cope with this new ‘normal’.

As you can imagine, the postponement of CTC’s Conservatory season and suspension of Outreach programming in schools and community sites is having a significant financial impact on the organization. We expect to see more than $120,000 in lost revenue from March to May alone.

Unfortunately, without income to support them and without work to engage them, CTC has had to make the very hard decision to temporarily lay off 9 full/part-time staff, and move another 6 from full-time to part-time status. We were deeply saddened to have to make these decisions, but we’re grateful that unemployment benefits have been expanded to help them and others who are in similar situations due to coronavirus-related setbacks.

We are currently exploring all options for emergency funding, as well as revising program plans to account for various contingencies we may encounter in the near future. Through a mix of individual fundraising, grants scouting and seeking publicly-available resources to help offset these costs, we hope to rally our supporters, regain our footing, and hire back our staff as quickly as possible.

Facilities & Operations

CTC’s facility is closed and staff are working remotely with occasional, staggered visits to the building only for necessary tasks. If you have a CTC-related inquiry, please start here:

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Conservatory classes will remain suspended until students return to schools. We have made the tough decision to cancel spring showcases this semester, regardless of when classes resume. As with everything else, we’re planning for a range of scenarios and will rely on experts to determine when we can start back up.  

Our Blue Apple Outreach team has stayed in contact with all of our partner schools and sites affected by the coronavirus crisis. Our team of teaching artists were in the midst of a variety of projects with many sites, ranging from our spring touring production to a variety of workshops and residencies with individual classrooms and after-school groups.

Some of our partners in year-round schools have informed us that they want to continue with programming if schedules allow. With others, we’re working hard to figure out how to complete as much programming as we can and exploring options to take programs online where possible. Blue Apple Outreach impacts not just our financial bottom line, but it also impacts the lives of young people – both academically and emotionally. We want very much to fulfill our mission and support our students during this time when the arts continue to play a crucial role in the lives and hearts of youth.

This production has been postponed. We are currently exploring creative ways to bring this story to life while respecting  recommendations to continue suspending all mass gatherings at this time. Stay tuned for updates.

As with Streetcar, the public performance of Legends on March 28 is postponed. We hope to bring it back for you and for our many school partners soon. Indiana schools operating on a year-round schedule have a great possibility of completing all 25 scheduled shows! Stay tuned for updates.

CTC remains committed to producing this season’s festival. While we know that we will not be able to perform on the originally published dates May 7-17, we are hopeful to resume rehearsals once classes are back in session. The shows WILL be produced – the only variable is time.

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CTC recognizes that this is a particularly scary time for our young people. We want to continue to serve as a consistent, reliable creative outlet for them, even when our stages are dark and our classrooms are empty.

The postponement of our Conservatory classes and suspension of Outreach programming has greatly impaired our fundraising and revenue generating capacity. This makes it exceptionally challenging for us to focus on what we should be focusing on: supporting the next generation of storytellers and creative problem-solvers. As we navigate new strategies to fully realize this mission, we ask that you consider the impact of making a gift of even just $5 to help us keep our (virtual) doors open.

Other ways you can support us includemaking Commonwealth Theatre Center your designated charity for Amazon Smile and the Kroger Community Rewards program. These are small changes you can make that have a HUGE impact.

This is uncharted territory for us all, and we recognize the financial hardships faced by our entire community during this uncertain time. Your donation won’t just be helping CTC stay afloat—it ensures that we can provide a sense of stability and consistency for our students. Stability that we could all use right now.

We look to the arts as both a source of inspiration and comfort, even in the darkest of times. We’re asking for your help so we can continue to shine a light on the brightest, most inspiring voices we know: our young people.

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CTC Online

Did you see? CTC introduced a new video series on Facebook and Instagram called Chats With Charlie (#ChatsWithCharlie). These will consist of small video segments, hosted and narrated by Charlie Sexton, and provide our Conservatory students with content and educational material to access from home.

We plan to introduce a series that will center on Outreach programming too, as well as full-length performances from the CTC vault. Stay tuned for more content on the way!