Ahmed is a Bahrain-born, Egypt-grown theatre-maker, writer, and thinker. Ahmed is a recipient of the prestigious and highly-selective Crown Prince of Bahrain International Scholarship. He’s also the new Assistant Director for Zaynab’s Night of Destiny!

“I am thrilled to be working on Zaynab’s Night of Destiny alongside an incredible team of international artists – all of whom have already proven their willingness to approach Denmo Ibrahim’s work from a place of radical joy and infinite possibility,” says Ahmed.

“At a time when SWANASA (Southwest Asian, North African, and South Asian) and Muslim-representations are slowly improving but still lacking, especially in the children’s canon, ZNOD presents an opportunity to celebrate and uplift.”

His work focuses on creating space for members of the global majority community, especially Arab- and/or Muslim-identifying people, to navigate and intervene in the disciplinary/surveillance state. His role in Zaynab’s Night of Destiny covers everything from dramaturging to cultural consulting.

“[ZNOD] presents an opportunity for kids to be in community with one another, to see and find themselves in this story full of magic and childlike wonder, and to say that they belong – no matter where they are or where they come from.”

Select credits include Yussef El Guindi’s Back of the Throat, Lauren Gunderson’s Natural Shocks (Sock & Buskin), Elwood’s (2018 America Too Festival, Trinity Repertory Company), A Guide to Winning (La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art), and Pippin (Ensemble! Theatre).

Ahmed also works in multidisciplinary art, most recently collaborating with several international artists on Shrimp Atonement (zFestival unAcademy). He received his BA in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies from Brown University, and currently is a freelancer in Bahrain and internationally.

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