Connecting Cultures

“Seeing people for who they are, what they value, and how they fit into the tapestry of American identities begins with moments of personal connection.”

Charlie Sexton, CTC Artistic Director

Connecting Cultures documents and celebrates the unique experiences of Muslim youth and other underrepresented communities in and around Louisville, Kentucky.

The Project

In 2019, CTC was awarded $225,000 by the Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art (DDFIA) to expand our Connecting Cultures theatre residency into a three-year, multifaceted, multigenerational instrument for sharing, understanding, and overcoming perceptions of difference. 

With Connecting Cultures, theatre gives people from communities viewed as “different,” particularly the Muslim community, the tools to find their voices, document their stories, and see their experiences brought to life in original plays performed across the region. These performances will invite audiences to see themselves in the human struggles and triumphs that transcend labels, stereotypes, and “otherness.”

The Process

We seek to empower participants by providing a platform for their voices to be heard while raising cultural and social awareness. This project will encourage positive change by giving a voice to youth who haven’t been heard, and by inviting audiences ranging from those in Louisville to individuals living in surrounding rural communities to embrace their shared humanity.

In celebrating the richness and diversity of Louisville and Kentucky, CONNECTING CULTURES is building bridges of understanding about how different people experience the world around us. 

Meet Playwright Denmo Ibrahim

“Her writing has a magical quality that will captivate and inspire young listeners, while empowering them to imagine a future without limit.”

-Hallie Dizdarevic

Latest News About CTC's Connecting Cultures

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