Cultural Pass – Summer 2020

CTC is committed to making top-quality, nationally-recognized arts programming accessible, and we’re excited for you to join us with our Summer 2020 Cultural Pass programs.

Our artists have created the following Cultural Pass choices both to introduce & expand young people’s understandings of theatre AND to show that resourcefulness & creativity can be powerful tools for learning, storytelling, and arts engagement — even when we’re not together in the same room.

Please enjoy the programs below, and if you’d like to share with us what you learned or how the programs inspired you, please send us an email or reach us on Facebook.

The Summer 2020 Cultural Pass is sponsored by Republic Bank in partnership with Metro Louisville, Fund for the Arts, Arts and Culture Alliance, Louisville Free Public Library, and with support from Yum! and Kosair Charities. You can support the Cultural Lou Recovery effort by the Fund for the Arts here.

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Cultural Pass Programs from CTC

Construction Site –
a School Readiness Adventure

Pre-K–1st Grade (Ages 3–6)
Arts and Culture Disciplines: Theatre + Arts Education

There’s a lot to do on the construction site: fix a sign, count the bricks, and sort some mixed up materials. Luckily, there’s a new construction crew ready to help: YOU! Enter the world of pretend to become characters and act out a story together.

La Cucarachita Martina –
A Movement for Stories Experience

Kindergarten–3rd Grade (Ages 5–9)
Arts and Culture Disciplines: Theatre + Arts Education

This beloved tale of a beautiful cockroach and her husband the mouse invites participants to play all of the parts and leaves them with an important message about how to respond when things seem sad. Students are also introduced to Spanish vocabulary throughout the story.

Art and Selfie-Awareness

Teens and Young Adults ages 13–21
Arts and Culture Disciplines: Theatre + Arts Education

An artistic and introspective experience designed for teens and young adults to process creatively during tense times. Video offering a calming guided meditation, a selfie acting project about Emotional Literacy and a visual art project.

There’s More to the Story:
Creating a Character Monologue

5th Grade–8th Grade
Arts and Culture Disciplines: Theatre + Arts Education

The story doesn’t have to end when the book is finished! Learn how to create and perform a monologue through the viewpoint of your favorite characters.

The Rich Man and the Shoemaker –
a Storytime from CTC’s Blue Apple Outreach

Pre-K–3rd Grade (Ages 3–9)
Arts and Culture Disciplines: Theatre + Arts Education

The Shoemaker and his family have a joyful home by keeping it full of song, but one neighbor wants to change all that. Teaching the lesson that money can’t buy happiness, this is a fable for all. Storytime is a lively storytelling program that uses interactive listening and the tradition of oral storytelling to build comprehension and language development – skills vital to early literacy.

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Keep growing with theatre!

CTC Summer Programs

For Summer 2020, kids and teens ages 3-18 can enroll in virtual programs that engage and excite young people with LIVE and pre-recorded options by our accomplished theatre professionals. Things are a little different this summer without in-person camps, but every summer is a chance to start an amazing journey.

Free Online Fun from CTC

Check out additional online series from CTC, including past performances from our Vault Series and two fun video series with CTC Artistic Director Charlie Sexton and Outreach Director Heather Burns.