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This page will be updated with information about programs available for 2020-2021 soon, and we look forward to finding ways to work with our education and community partners. For now, we invite you to read the following letter from Outreach Director Heather Burns letting you know where we are and inviting you to learn a little about our upcoming production of 'Nation In Crisis'.


A Note from Outreach Director Heather Burns

“Relevancy” has had a place in the core goals of the Blue Apple Outreach mission since the merger of Blue Apple Players and Walden Theatre in 2015.

In this moment, relevancy is the lens we’re looking through as we embrace the new school year. How do we best serve the education community as it grapples with non-traditional learning or socially-distanced learning, the pandemic, racial justice, and the balance of equality and equity?

You and your students are in the forefront of our minds as we reimagine educational theatre in the new school year. 

We’ll be offering both real-time and pre-recorded programming options this year, redesigned for virtual classrooms. They’ll include some of our most popular programs and some exciting, new selections.

To start the school year, we’re proud to announce our Fall touring production will be 'Nation in Crisis', written and directed by Keith McGill and performed by Jackie Blue. Keith toured this production for years. Last year, he updated the script and stepped into a directorial role with Jacqui as the new touring artist educator. And now, they are working together with our new videographer in a redesign for the virtual classroom.

Contact me ( or our Program Administrator, Aletia Robey ( to learn more about how to bring this important production to your classroom this fall.


Heather Burns
Outreach Director

Nation in Crisis

Written and Directed by Keith McGill | Performed by Jacqui Blue


Blue Apple presents an interactive show that transports students to pivotal moments of the Civil Rights Era. From Little Rock to Montgomery and Martin Luther King, Jr., to a Tuskegee Airman, voices of real people from varying perspectives are brought to life, allowing audiences to encounter the facts and events through a personal lens.

Opportunities for students to participate in discussions led by our Teaching Artists are interspersed throughout the performance so as to maintain the engagement Blue Apple audiences are accustomed in a virtual environment. This powerful program empowers students to see the human side of history, think deeply about the content, and form their own framework. ​In​ asking students to dig deep and recognize their own commonalities with the past, present and future, ​Nation in Crisis ​also captures the need for engagement in a time when opportunities for engagement are so scarce.


This is a one-hour program blending pre-recorded videos with real-time, interactive discussions. Each performance is led by two Teaching Artists (per classroom). In addition to the live virtual workshop, teachers will also receive access to a comprehensive Teacher Guide and Enrichment Tool, newly updated with additional features including embedded videos. Families will have access to digital activities with the name of the program sponsor. The Family Activity page is intended for adults to engage with their children and offers new literacy options.


$200 per classroom (includes video with live discussion, Teacher Guide and Enrichment Tool)

Director’s Notes:​ “Civil Rights history is always being created. It’s from our past—and in our present,” says McGill. “I wrote N​ ation in Crisis ​to bring history forward so students can learn about it and learn from it - and learn how not to repeat it.”

CTC looks forward to sharing this production with students (4th - 12th grade) as part of its 2020 Fall tour.

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