adapted by
inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s novel

directed by

assistant director

March 10–19


Thurs March 10


Fri March 11


Sat March 19

About the Show

University students Shirley Holmes and Jennie Watson are keeping an eye on the famous flat at 221B Baker Street while their really, really famous uncles are traveling throughout Europe. A sudden knock at the door brings news that Sir Charles Baskerville has died under mysterious and possibly dangerous circumstances. Is he the most recent victim of “The Curse” in the Baskerville family? Will his nephew, Sir Henry, be the next target of the supernatural hound said to haunt the murky moors of Devonshire? With Sherlock and Dr. Watson unavailable, it’s up to Shirley and Jennie to follow the clues and solve this intrigue. Will they be able to save Sir Henry and at last solve the mystery of The Hound of the Baskervilles?


This show contains the use of fog, prop guns and gunshot sound effects, conversations regarding death/violence, a supernatural hound character with glowing eyes and snarling growls, and chilling sound effects/loud noises.


We trust our audiences to make decisions about attending our plays, but we recommend ages and 12 and up for this production.

Produced by special arrangement with THE DRAMATIC PUBLISHING COMPANY of Woodstock, Illinois.

Director's Note

Thank you for joining us for our Young Company Show this season!


As a conservatory training program, the Young Company is the one show in our mainstage season each year that allows students in our intermediate classes to have a chance to audition for leading roles and perform a fully produced show while learning about all the aspects of theatre from auditions to rehearsals to the closing night performance. Navigating all of this while still dealing with a global pandemic means that we’ve had to be enthusiastically flexible at times – I am forever grateful to Paula Lockhart for all of her help as Assistant Director throughout this process.


Many thanks to our conservatory families for transporting our Young Company members to and from every rehearsal and supporting them and our return to in-person live performances! Throughout it all, this cast and crew continue to remind me why I love the theatre. I hope you enjoy trying to solve the mystery of The Hound of the Baskervilles.


Special thanks to Lindsay and Hannah for coordinating the portraits for the Hall of Baskerville ancestors. The portrait of Charlie Sexton appears courtesy of Bill Brymer at Brymer Photography.


–Meg Caudill


Cast List


Charlie Stephens


Teddy Weber


Alysha Mayes


Roman Scott


Ben Inghram


Violet Henderson


Michael Whaley


Layla Sanders


Bailey Raisor


Colin Brandt


Keegan Connor


Lore Rodriguez


Ellie Harris


Ricarri Smith


Lucy Moran

The Players

Charlie Stephens (Jennie Watson) is a seventh grade student at Western Middle School for the Performing Arts and has been attending classes at CTC since she was 4 years old. She has performed in multiple Summer Academy shows including Alice In Wonderland (Dormouse), The Wizard Of Oz (Munchkin, Citizen), James and the Giant Peach (Captain), and 1,001 Nights (Alex). She has also performed in Studio showcases like Macbeth (Witch Three), 20th Century Scenes (Rhoda, The Bad Seed), and Apprentice showcases From This Day Forward (Christine), and Dorthy and Alice (Dorthy). Her first mainstage show debut was in the Young Company performance of The Secret Garden (Robin, Ensemble). She is excited to be part of this show!

Roman Scott (Sir Henry Baskerville) is a ninth grade student attending Highlands Latin School. He attended CTC several years ago for two years in a row and returned this last year. This is his first show at CTC. He is an ambitious actor and has acted in a few other productions including A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Romeo and Juliet with Kentucky Shakespeare’s summer camps, but this is his first large scale play, and he hopes to be part of many more.

Michael Whaley (Barrymore) is a ninth grade student at Ballard High School and has been attending classes at CTC for three years. This is his first Young Company show. Locally, Michael has also performed in The Lion King (Shenzi), Peter Pan (Pirate 1), and The Wizard of Oz (Uncle Henry) at Centerstage Theater.

Colin Brandt (Sir Charles Baskerville) is a homeschooled 9th grader who has been attending classes at CTC for six years. This is his 4th appearance with the Young Company. His other appearances at CTC include Baba Yaga (Father/Skull 3/Frying Pan/Samovar), The Secret Garden (Colin Craven), and The Trials of Robin Hood (Much the Miller’s Son/Allan A Dale/Archery Butt). Regionally, Colin has also appeared in A Christmas Story (Ralphie) at Hayswood Theatre, The Wizard of Oz (Lollipop Guild) at Clarksville Little Theatre, and in multiple Camp Shakespeare pre-show performances for Kentucky Shakespeare’s summer seasons.

Ellie Harris (Victoria Lestrade/Ensemble) has been going to CTC since she was 8 and is currently in the Apprentice class level. Now a sixth grader at Westport Middle School, she has performed in the CTC Summer Academy production of James and the Giant Peach (James’ mother/shark/Oompa Loompa/etc), and is now making her mainstage debut as part of the Young Company’s The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Teddy Weber (Shirley Holmes) is a seventh grade student at Western Middle School for the Performing Arts and has been attending CTC classes since she was 8 years old. Teddy has been in multiple Summer Academy plays such as Alice and Wonderland (Bird), James and the Giant Peach (Ensemble), and 1,001 Nights (Baba and Teddy) . Teddy has also performed in CTC’s 2021Young Playwrights Festival. Outside of CTC, she has performed in Seussical the Musical (Who TV Reporter) at St. Francis Elementary and The Lion King JR. (Rafiki) at Bloom Elementary.

Ben Inghram (John Stapleton) is an eighth grade student at the J.Graham Brown. He has been going to classes at Commonwealth Theatre for 7 years, starting with Imagination in 1st grade at 7 years old. He has appeared in many Summer Academy shows at CTC, including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Mr.Salt), and 1,001 nights (Evan, Shaharyar’s Younger Brother, and Roger) along with several class showcases. This is his debut performance in a Young Company show and his first time in a production outside of conservatory classes and summer camps at CTC.

Layla Sanders (Mrs. Barrymore) is an eighth grade student at Noe Middle School where she has performed in Thoroughly Modern Millie (Ruth, Ensemble), and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Titania). She started attending CTC’s Conservatory classes two years ago, but she has been performing locally since she was eight. She has also appeared in multiple StageOne summer shows including The Jungle Book (Mowgli), Aladdin (Genie), and Annie (Bert Healey, Ensemble). This will be her mainstage debut performance at CTC as part of the 2022 Young Company.

Keegan Conner (Selden/Ensemble) is a seventh grader at South Oldham Middle School and has been attending CTC for several years, starting in the Imagination class level. He has been in many Summer Academy shows at CTC, including: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Grandpa and Oompa Loompa), Alice in Wonderland (Rabbit hole and Sous Chef), The Wizard of Oz (Toto), James and the Giant Peach (Silkworm), and 1,001 Nights (Shaharyar).  Keegan has also performed locally with Pandora Productions appearing in Mothers and Sons (Bud) and Fun Home (John). This is Keegan’s Young Company debut in the 2022 mainstage season here at CTC! He looks to his sister Sierra for help with lines, and looks to his parents, Kevin Conner (Drama Dad) and Christine Arnett (Drama Mama) for support. Of course, you can’t forget his adorable dogs Kali and Oliver for his agents. He is so excited to be in this show and hopes you enjoy it!

Ricarri Smith (Perkins/Ensemble) is a seventh grade student at W.E.B Dubois Academy and has been attending classes at CTC since they were 11 years old. The Hound of the Baskervilles is his first play ever. He is very excited to act and hopes to be a movie star someday.

Alysha Mayes (Dr. Maxine Mortimer) is a seventh grade student at Noe Middle School and has been attending classes at CTC since 2019 but has enjoyed the art of acting from a very young age. Alysha has always acted out musicals and enjoyed being chosen to be on the news three times. In the 3rd grade, Alysha was in The Jungle Book (Chorus) at Hite Elementary, and this year at Noe they were in a performance called Happily Ever After as the witch. This is their debut performance in a Young Company show in CTC’s mainstage season!

Violet Henderson (Dorothea Stapleton) is a seventh grade student attending Sacred Heart Model School. Violet has been attending conservatory classes at Commonwealth Theatre Center for two years and is currently studying scenes from Shakespeare in Studio 3. She is very excited to be in her first Young Company show playing the role of Dorothea Stapleton. Violet has also appeared locally in Annie with StageOne.

Bailey Raisor (Hugo Baskerville) is an 8th grade student at Saint Mary Academy, and has been attending CTC classes for around 7 years starting in 2015. Bailey has previously written and performed in the 2020 Young Playwrights Festival (YPF), and even had a second play that was produced for this year’s 2022 Young Playwrights Festival. The Hound of the Baskervilles is Bailey’s debut in a Young Company Show! Bailey’s favorite musical is Falsettos (2016), and favorite song is More Than A Woman by the BeeGees.

Lore Rodriguez (Laura Lyons/Ensemble) is an eighth grade student at Highland Middle School and has been attending conservatory classes at CTC since Fall, 2021. Lore’s previous acting credits outside of CTC include The Wizard of Oz (The Wicked Witch of the West) at Hunterdon Academy of the Arts, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Ensemble) and The (Almost) Totally True Story of Hansel and Gretel (Mother Bear) at Hillside Intermediate School.

Lucy Moran (Maid/Ensemble) is a sixth grade student at Ramsey Middle School and has been attending classes at CTC since she was 9 years old. Lucy’s love of performance started very young through dance, gymnastics, piano and voice recitals, and she has since fallen for all aspects of theatre, including fulfilling set design and backstage roles at Ramsey’s fall production, Dia De Los Muertos. This is her debut performance in a Young Company show in the mainstage season.


Meg Caudill (Director) began her career at CTC in 2012 working as an outreach teaching artist and touring actor. Currently, she serves as the Education Resource Manager for both outreach and conservatory teaching artists and has taught various conservatory classes from Imagination through Playmaking. This is her fourth year as director of the Young Company – previous shows include The Trials of Robin Hood (2019), The Secret Garden (2020), and last year’s virtual production of Baba Yaga. She also helped develop the live soundscape and musical elements for The Trojan Women (2018) and Macbeth (2019). Meg most recently appeared onstage at CTC while space teaching alongside the conservatory students in last fall’s production of The Children’s Hour (Amelia Tilford). Outside of CTC, Meg is a company member of Looking for Lilith Theatre Company and a proud alumna of the Kentucky Governor’s Scholars Program (GSP) where she has returned to work for the program in some capacity almost every summer since 1999.

Charlotte Meeley (Stage Manager) is a sophomore at the J. Graham Brown School and has been attending CTC for the past four years. This is Char’s first time stage managing, but you may have caught her as Evelyn in The Children’s Hour this fall. Other credits with CTC include Hamlet, 2019-2021 Young Playwrights Festivals, and Pride and Prejudice.

Jess holds a BA in Theatre and an MFA in Acting, both from the University of Tennessee Knoxville. In the Summer of 2018, Louisville became Jess’ home after living in New York City, where she developed a studio practice in devising Shakespeare – coaching a range of ages from preschool students to Broadway performers. As an actor, regional theatre credits include Great River Shakespeare Festival, Chautauqua Theater Company, Clarence Brown Theatre, Reign Or Shine, Rogue and Peasant Players, and Kentucky Shakespeare, among others. As an educator and behavioral therapist, Jess has taught all ages and abilities, using art as a bridge to unite neurodiverse demographics.

Gerry is a Louisville native, working in the entertainment industry since 1995. He has loved being part of the Commonwealth family for the last four years. Gerry has worked with such groups as Ursuline Arts Center, Bunbury Theatre, Stephen Foster Drama Association, Faith Works Studio, Woodford County Theatrical Arts Association, Louisville Central Community Center, Centerstage as well as Dick Clark Productions and ABC. Gerry would like to thank his wife Angel for putting up with this crazy theatre life.

Kenny Maier (Set)

Beth Tantanella (Box Office Manager/Front of House)

Paula O. Lockhart (Assistant Director) holds bachelors’ degrees in Theatre and Communication from Wesleyan College in Macon, Ga and an MFA in Performance from the University of Louisville. Paula is the Associate Director of the Governor’s School for the Arts (GSA). While teaching at Commonwealth Theatre Center (CTC), Paula created the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Awareness Society or IDEAS @ CTC. She has directed a staged reading of Fairview and the Young Company in their 2020 production of The Secret Garden. She is passionate about theatre for young audiences, and has toured with Blue Apple Players, UofL Repertory Theatre, and teaches theatre to all ages including college students at Louisville’s only HBCU, Simmons College of Kentucky.  Past performance credits include Bowling for Beginners, A Streetcar Named Desire, Fences, Bloodline Rumba, Polaroid Stories, A Molly Whuppie, Red Riding Hood, and This is Not The Play.

Chloe Fitch (Assistant Stage Manager) is a junior at the J. Graham Brown School and is going into her 9th year at Commonwealth Theatre Center. She is a huge Fiona Apple fan, and her most streamed song right now is Carrion. Chloe appeared as an actor in the 2020 Young Playwrights Festival and directed Perfection 101 in the 2022 Young Playwrights Festival. Her favorite productions include (but are not limited to) The Comedy of Errors (Balthazar) as well as Pride and Prejudice (Georgiana Darcy).

A native of southwestern Indiana, Jake Allen Miller is a theatre technician, stage manager, arts educator and a 2008 graduate of Hanover College. Prior to joining CTC in 2019, Jake lived and worked professionally in Chicago, Illinois most notably as Stage Manager in Residence at The Second City. Jake is most inspired by the art of professional wrestling, the music of the Grateful Dead, and the boundless talents of his friends and colleagues.

Lindsay is excited to begin her sixth season at Commonwealth Theatre. Starting in Halloween costume design, she moved to theatrical work at Actors Theatre of Louisville as the Assistant Costume Designer ten years ago. She has worked with several local companies including Pandora Productions, Theatre 502, Liminal Playhouse, Bellarmine University, Hardin County Performing Arts Center, Josephine Sculpture Park Summer Shakespeare and is an active company member with Looking for Lilith Theatre Company.

Hannah is a local theatrical artist who has been active in the theatre scene for the last four years, working with companies including Bunbury Theatre Company, The Kentucky Opera, and most recently Looking for Lilith. They joined the CTC family in March of this year and are thrilled to be working on The Children’s Hour. When Hannah isn’t working on theatre you can usually catch them drawing or making stickers! Thanks to Colt, who has supported them through all their artistic endeavors.